Food Safety Control for La Payesa Cheese made with milk from Minorca.

La Payesa cheeses are made by using the most up to date technology combined with Minorcan traditional methods, endorsed by more than sixty years of our experience.

As our cheese is subject to strict sanitary control and is a product with designation of origin 'Queso Mahón-Menorca' , we are able to offer all our clients an excellent quality product all year round.

As we are the only industry in Minorca which uses raw milk, La Payesa cheeses are different from cheeses made from pasteurised milk, and are therefore the only cheeses which retain the authentic and traditional flavour of Mahón cheese. At the same time, this means that we have a bigger commitment to current sanitary and hygiene legislation as well as to our workers and for environment sustainability.

At La Payesa, customer satisfaction is very important to us; for this reason, we take all precautionary measures to guarantee the excellence of our product on every level. We follow both Spanish and European legislation, and use the Progrmme APPCC (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

It is a systematic preventive process to guarantee alimentary safety in a logical and objective manner. It is applied in the food industry although it is also used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and all types of industries which, when produced, have contact with food. Contamination risks are identified, evaluated and anticipated at a physical, chemical and biological level throughout the whole process of the supply chain, and preventive and corrective measures are taken to control food safety.

APPCC was founded with the aim to develop systems which provide a high level of guarantees for food safety, and to replace quality system controls based on the control and the study of the final product which are not satisfactory with regard to food safey, and which are currently considered obsolete.

This programme is applied by our company from the reception of raw materials until the products are distributed. All production phases are strictly monitored.

In addition to applying the APPCC progamme, La Payesa uses the IFS (International Food Standard) as a comprehensive framework for management and security control for our products.

Whilst the first is obligatory according to current legislation, we use the IFS rule as part of quality commitment for our products.

International Laws with regard to Food Products (IFS) have been developed for all kinds of distributors (all sizes of companies and businesses, whether independent or not) . They must all guarantee the security of the brand of the products which they sell. IFS helps in the compliance of all requisites with regard to judicial security and and the common and transparent rules for all suppliers affected as well as providing a definite and firm response to the expectations of high security for clients. IFS covers common audit rules which are internationally acceptable in order to constantly improve consumer security.

The development of IFS rules is based on continual increasing consumer demand, the ever-increasing responsibilities of the distributors and wholesalers, the growing legal demands and the globalisation of products provided. This is all necessary to ensure uniform and standard quality control for food safety.

In short, we would like to reiterate that the cheese produced at our installations not only complies with all state and European legislation for food safety but also adheres to IFS regulations as a demonstration of our tireless dedication to improving our products.

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All of our products are backed by over sixty years of industry experience. The Mahón-Menorca Designation of Origin guarantees that our products meet all gastronomical characteristics and requirements specified for the island's cheeses.

Additionally, the fact that we abide by the APPC program and the IFS regulation certifies compliance with all relevant food safety procedures and regulations.

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