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A strong and ancient tie links cheese with the island of Minorca. According to different historical sources, the presence of cheese on the island dates back to the first human settlements at the end of the Neolitic period. At that time, it seems that the first Minorcan farmers dedicated themselves to the production of cheese, and did so even before the time of the Scriptures; ceramic remains found during various excavations support this theory.

During future periods, the Greeks and Carthaginians confirmed the presence and the regular consumption of cheese on the island. During the Muslim domination in the Middle Ages, various Arabic texts refer to the importance of the production of wine, meat and cheese on the island, and praise its qualities.

When the island passed to the hands of the Crown of Aragón, the increase in the production of cheese and its trade where shown in the letters of the period. This progression continued until the extent that in the 18th century, there were four boats dedicated exclusively to the trade in cheese from Minorca with major ports in the Western Mediterranean. This commercial activity, centred on the port of Mahón, caused ienorcan cheese to be recognised as 'Mahón' cheese at its places of destination although the cheese was not specifically produced in that city. This historic inaccuracy lasted until when, in 1998, the offical denomination was changed to 'Mahón-Menorca' cheese, a concept which better reflected the product's provenance.

Recently, the importance of cheese to the island has not diminished at all. Production has been strongly established and has been perfected by using an ancient wisdom which has been passed through dozens of Minorcan generations. At La Payesa we understand our work as a continuation of this ancient tradition as a contribution to a thousand year old legacy which fills us with pride and helps us to improve constantly.

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